How to rejuvenate your face without surgery

Ekaterina Romanova, doctor-author of manual facial plastic technique, founder of Personnelle, tells.
When meeting any person, a certain impression and question of what age category he belongs to occurs when we look at his face. At this moment, our brain unconsciously reads information about the presence or absence of edema, wrinkles, creases, clear and even contours of the face oval, flabbiness or density of the skin, its radiance, etc.
Each of us wants to feel healthy and “fresh” at any age, so everyone thinks about such a thing as rejuvenation! Facial rejuvenation is a technique that is aimed at preventing problem areas arising in connection with age-related changes in a person:

• wrinkles
• jowls or bulldog cheeks
• pigmentation
• noticeable nasolabial folds
• downturned mouth corners
• puffiness
• the loss of definition to the facial oval
• degeneration of skin elasticity
At present, naturalness is very relevant. Now it is expressed in almost everything, for example: in a healthy lifestyle, in sports, in proper nutrition, in choosing the most natural shade in makeup, in cosmetics based on natural ingredients and outdoor recreation by the sea.
And if we consider the possibility of natural rejuvenation, then the choice falls on non-injection and non-surgical methods. They are the most useful and safe for the body.
Manual facial plastic is just one of the methods of natural, and therefore non-invasive rejuvenation!
It is aimed at a direct impact on the main cause of the appearance of age-related changes on the face, such as hypertonicity. The facial muscles of the face differ from the muscles of the body in their attachment. Due to this, the muscles quickly come to a state such as spasm of the muscles, fascia or tendons.

To bring the muscles into a normal physiological state, a deep and thorough impact on them is necessary. This is where Manual facial plastic comes into play.
We at Personnelle work on a patented and unique technique that helps to improve the regulation of metabolic processes, blood flow and lymph outflow to the muscles and skin of the face. This increases the production of collagen and elasin in the skin of the face, which give density, firmness and elasticity - the ability of the skin to stretch and return to its previous state.

What is the advantage of Manual plastics over plastic surgery or injections:

- Lack of trauma: the safest way of rejuvenation;

- The absence of a rehabilitation period, which will not change your quality of life, due to the waiting period for the healing of the restoration of the skin structures of the face;

- It emphasizes the individual features of your face;

- Absence of complications, infection of facial tissues and asymmetry.

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