How long does the effect of Manual facial plastic last?

Ekaterina Romanova, doctor-author of Manual facial plastic technique, founder of Personnelle, tells.

Manual facial plastic is a patented method of natural rejuvenation due to the elaboration of muscles.
Mimic muscles are anatomically arranged in such a way that they have one place of attachment: they are attached to the bone on one side and woven into the skin or another muscle on the other. They spasm with age and wrinkles appear.

Our technique allows you to remove this spasm, which is the root cause of all age-related changes.
Manual plastic involves regular visits (once every 5-7 days) and an average of 10 sessions are required. After completing the course, the effect lasts for a year and a half, but it is also important to maintain the effect yourself with a roller, cupping massage and self-taping at home, which we will teach you.

Also don't forget to come for a maintenance Manual plastic session once per month. We at Personnelle work on a patented and unique technique that helps to improve the regulation of metabolic processes, blood flow and lymph outflow to the muscles and skin of the face.

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