How to get rid of wrinkles without injections and Botox?

First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of the appearance of wrinkles in order to work with it, and not fight the symptoms.

Tells Ekaterina Romanova, doctor and author of Manual facial plastic technique, founder of Personnelle.
Without eliminating the causes, the effect of various methods will not be long-lasting, and sometimes even negative. The peculiarity of facial muscles is that they are attached at one end to the bones of the facial skeleton and skull, and at the other - to the skin. Thanks to this, we can express our emotions on the face.

Since muscles, especially facial muscles, are constantly contracting throughout life, over time they begin to spasm. What's happening?
The mimic muscles, spasming, contract and pull the skin along, thus forming wrinkles that persist for a long time.
How to get rid of wrinkles without injections?

The most physiologically correct method of getting rid of the cause of wrinkles is Manual plastic massage.
Manual facial plastic is a deep study of the muscles of the face and shoulder girdle. Thanks to a special technique, muscles and skin return to their original appearance, wrinkles are smoothed out, blood circulation is increased, tissue metabolism is improved, and the drainage function of the lymphatic system is accelerated.

We at Personnelle work on a patented technique that aims to eliminate muscle hypertonicity - the root cause of all age-related changes and signs of fatigue.

Cupping massage
In addition to Manual plastics, cupping massage is also used. By creating a vacuum, this technique helps the lymphatic system, thereby reducing swelling, improves blood flow to the tissues, helps strengthen the vascular wall.

And to fix the result, you need to resort to taping. By taping the face, we fix the muscles in a physiological state, promote their relaxation, and activate the lymph flow 

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