Online training "Manual facial plastic" from anywhere in the world!
Start March 23, 2023

Online training "Manual facial plastic"
from anywhere in the world!
Start March 23, 2023

Make money on the patented technique of manual facial plastic
from 5 000 eur

"The only beauty I know is health." - Heinrich Heine


The patented method of non-invasive rejuvenation is the result of 16 years of medical practice, consisting of creation and subsequent careful selection of the most effective methods and techniques. Unlike standard superficial massages, the technique works at a deeper level and captures the joints, muscles, ligaments, fascias and fat pads.
The result of the course is comparable to the result after plastic surgery. Working only with your hands, you can rejuvenate for 3-5 years, without the use of creams and injections.

The technique works with the root cause of age-related changes, removes the hypertonicity of mimic and chewing muscles, programming them for correct work and starts the regenerative functions of the body. Restores the statics of the head and neck, removes fibrosis and water retention. Blood fills muscle fibers, skin microcirculation improves, turgor and collagen production increases. As a result of the application of the technique, age-related changes are leveled, aesthetic defects are corrected.

  • the average cost of 1 working hour of a master who knows the technique -
  • from 100 EUR
  • monthly income with a small workload from 5000 EUR per month

What will you get during the training

99 Days of Training
3 months of online training on a convenient platform. Smoothly move from one stage to another, passing intermediate tests! Study at a convenient time for you and get a truly exclusive and high-quality training!

Scripts, tutorials
Before training, we send you specialized books and materials for high-quality preparation! You will also receive all the scripts and guides that will be useful during the practice.
Diploma and post-graduate support 
You will receive an official diploma of professional retraining, including the European format.
Support for 1 month after completion of training!

TO WHOM training will suit?

  1. If you are already a practicing masseur / cosmetologist / beauty specialist
  2. If you want to start a business and open a studio for monthly cash flow
  3. If you want to expand the range of services in an existing business


  • Anatomy of the face, neck and upper shoulder girdle, physiology, biomechanics of muscles, the causes of each defect in aesthetics - based on anatomy, physiology - what actions are necessary to work with this defect.
  • Indications and contraindications for manual facial plastic 
  • The effect of injection techniques on tissue, pathogenesis. A detailed analysis of injection techniques, plastic surgery - based on anatomy, biomechanics - we analyze what happens in the tissues.
  • Biomechanics, causes of age-related changes in the face, neck, décolleté - in conjunction with muscles, fascia, lymph nodes
  • Training of the method of Manual facial plastic - full hand positioning, work with palpation sensitivity, working out the technique on the model, analysis of the individual characteristics of each person, analysis of each specific case. 
  • We learn to think and analyze - we make links between a defect and what could lead to its formation.
  • Cupping facial massage 
  • Taping - without water, only really effective applications that give results
  • Examination and presentation of state diplomas on professional retraining with entry in the register
  • Analysis and assessment of acquired knowledge and implementation of the methodology
  • First work with a real client to overcome fear


Ekaterina Romanova
• Author of the methodology
• Founder of the PERSONNELLE network of Manual Facial plastic Centers
• Practice in medicine since 2006
• Physician of the Faculty of General Medicine
• Internship in ophthalmology
• Diploma with honors in Top Management
• Diploma with honors in Pedagogy of Additional Education
Ekaterina opened her first PERSONNELLE office in 2016.
In 2018 she created the Personnelle Center in St. Petersburg, and a year later - in Moscow.
In 2020, she patented the technique of Manual Facial Plastic.
By 2022, more than 2,000 clients have passed through the professional and caring hands of Ekaterina and were satisfied with the result, more than 20 of which are Russian celebrities, movie and television stars.
The first training of her methodology Ekaterina held in December 2019. Thirty doctors from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Finland were trained and graduated.
In 2023, Ekaterina launches an online school for training specialists! You can become one of the few professionals who will learn this unique technique and be able to practice.


● Training in the Manual Facial Plastic Technique
● Script for the procedure Manual facial plastic
● Diploma of training (Certificate of studies)
● Support after training - 1 month

4 000 EUR
2 500 EUR
For any questions and corporate training opportunities, please contact
Phone +7 911 771 08 88
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